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Preserve Your Hardwood Floors

While you might be sweeping your hardwood floors daily, they can still get scuffed and dirty fast. Not to mention that it's challenging to clean between floorboards or in crevices. Over time, dirt and oils will build up until your hardwood floors lose their glossy sheen. When you notice your hardwood floors have lost their luster, reach out to us. We have expert knowledge of the different kinds of hardwood floors and how to clean them.

Worried about how our cleaning services will affect Fido? Don't be. Every single one of our deep cleaning techniques is pet-friendly! We know that your pet's health means a lot to you, so we've engineered our cleaning techniques with your furry friends in mind. Don't worry about chemicals or toxic residue left behind. Instead, enjoy a stress-free clean! 

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Handling a Wide Range of Hardwood Floors

All hardwood floors are different—they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and types of wood. Certain hardwood floors eventually grow soft depending on what they're made of. Others stay rigid and polished. And the wood stains and topcoats all differ from floor to floor. All this means your hardwood floor is completely unique and unlike any other.

Because hardwood floors are all so different, they require personalized care. Cleaners who don't understand this vital fact might do more harm than good. Eco Tech Services avoids using chemicals when cleaning hardwoods and instead chooses advanced pet-friendly steam cleaning methods. Our steam cleaning reaches deep into the floorboards to eliminate dirt.

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